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Reason of absense

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Reason of absense Empty Reason of absense

Post  Lushee Mon Jul 29, 2013 9:52 am

Hey guys, i'm sorry i haven't been very active lately. When ever i come on i don't see any old members i know or mawa so i decided to make a post my absence.
The truth is that i've been getting back into Gw2 since last month (and before that i had exams) so i've been playing sk a lot less. I haven't quit sk, i still want to make my equips and make my guy awesome eventually, but it'll be a slower process >.<
With school back since last week, this means that i will be a lot busier study (especially as 3 of 4 of the papers i'm doing this semester are entirely coursework -no cramming at the end of the year lol).

I kind of wish they have new maps or a fsc run would be quicker so i could do a run before school but that's okay, i'll try fit in time whenever i can or do simple runs maybe Razz
I hope you guys are doing well (those who still remember me xD) Hopefully we can run into each other online sometime~ ^^

~ Officer Lushee Like a Star @ heaven


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