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Official Guild Voice Chat Room via RaidCall

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Official Guild Voice Chat Room via RaidCall Empty Official Guild Voice Chat Room via RaidCall

Post  CynicalMelody Tue Apr 23, 2013 10:09 am

Alrighty! Its finally here~
Now you can talk and chat to your fellow guildies while you play your game. (:
Now these chatrooms are grouped up to just pretty much socialize with one another but I've also set up rooms for, if by any chance, the players that are more in to LD have rooms to join to communicate with each other.

Now rules of the guild etiquette still apply here in these chat rooms regardless of voice or text chat.
Failure to abide by the etiquette rules will eventually lead to your removal from the group and you'll either have little or no access to the group. a.k.a banished.
Too lazy to go find those guild etiquette rules? Well while I'm at this long post, here.

1. Please avoid using foul or sexually explicit language. While an occasional swear word used in jest or mock anger may slip in, please remember that we have of players from age 13 and up from many cultures, so please keep public posts free from offensive language or images.

2. Show respect at all times. When you disagree with someone or a player does or says something you don’t like, try to work it out privately. DO NOT post personal attacks or anything intended to insult another player.

3. “Neither a beggar nor a borrower be” to paraphrase Shakespeare. We don't want members begging other members for energy, crowns or anything else of value.

4. Use your words first. Do not send invites to join your party or become your friend or trade with you without first talking to the person and asking if they would like to. And do not invite guild members to join you if they are doing a mission.

Well back to the details of the chatrooms!
The chat rooms will be hosted via a program RaidCall. Its 100% free. No need to worry about any charges or fees. Just simply download the program, create your account, change your display name and settings incase you don't want any creepy stalkers knowing your personal information, and lastly enter the Group ID to find our guild chat room.

Below are the steps to help you along the process:

Step 1:
Please visit this website to download the program:
Click here for download link!

Step 2:
Register an account on the website or you can create one through the program.
Which ever one you choose is fine as long as create one. I'm sure you'll know where to find the register button. If not, just return to the link above and look at the top right corner and you'll see a "Sign up" link.

Step 3:
Finish downloading and setting up your RaidCall.

Step 4:
Lets make sure your name isn't showing so that your personal information isn't seen by everyone. (:

When you login, you should come to a screen similar to this one:
Official Guild Voice Chat Room via RaidCall WsWfcEo

Next, you should see a name in the top left corner under the logo. In the picture above for example, you'll see, "lolwut", under the logo.

Once you've spotted it, click the name and a new window will pop up. This is your profile.

If you look under the first line "Nickname" and its a name that you don't want to show, simply change it to whatever you want to be seen as.
Note: What you type here will be seen as your screen name by other people so your character's name is highly suggested to be put here.
Once you're done setting up your name, click "apply" then "ok" (in that order to be safe). Its saved now!

Step 5:
FINALLY! We get to move onto joining the group at last. Sorry for the long read guys. Just want to make sure instructions are clear...

To join, please enter this number into the search bar, found to the left of your RaidCall.
Group ID: 6075006


Okay, you're in but not out of the woods just yet... To use some of these rooms, you need apply to be a member in this group.
Membership only means you're an actual member of this guild. so you're granted certain privileges of joining rooms that non-members can't.
I'll be managing the acceptions of the applications so that I can make sure our chat isn't flooded with trolls and yelling pre-adolescent kids.

To apply to be a member here is where to look:
Official Guild Voice Chat Room via RaidCall 0o24gFJ

If you've followed directions so far, your guild name will show up on my side of the process and I can verify that you're in fact a member of the guild.

Officers of the guild, I'll appoint you moderator powers so that if by any chance things go a fray and out of hand you have the abilities to move them to a different room or remove them.

Step 6:
Once i've accepted your application to be a member, you now have freedom to move about all the rooms but the "GM/Officer" room.
This room is password protected and only given to the guild masters and officers. Its a private room if things need to be discussed or just want to have a chat.
Officers please send me mail or some sort of message for the password. And of course i trust that its not passed out. but i'll be able to change the password if it does end up public.

What're you waiting for?! Go talk now! Stop reading~ :O

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Official Guild Voice Chat Room via RaidCall Empty the mic sucks wasn't the main reason too...

Post  InfernusDeAwsum Wed Apr 24, 2013 6:05 pm

I am ashamed of myself

I truly am ashamed of myself

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