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The new update is....

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The new update is.... Empty The new update is....

Post  Spockishere2 Fri Jul 05, 2013 8:44 pm


 I can sum it up. I've been playing on the preview for a couple of days and here it is:

I'll start off with the good.

1.  Pets!  Most people recommend getting either the Seraphynx or the Maskeraith.  Each has 3 abilities and due to the test server making things OP for players i cant really explain much more than the fact they have multiple perks but you can only use one.  You have to feed it materials that are made in the lab, and your pet can have a type of damage.

2. There is now different difficulties for each level/mission.  Normal, Advanced, and Elite.  Normal is easier than usual, Advanced is the same as it has been, Elite is harder.

3. Respawning Enemies:  Respawning enemies now give crowns! and lots of it! (also heat)  This means jelly king with a voltaic tempest=Approx 20kcr.

4. New "Character UI"  You'll have to see for yourself.

5. Crafting now takes Special Rarities called Orbs of alchemey. Apparently they should be about the same cost as it used to be to craft equipment.

6. CE reviving now does not double, and only costs 10 ce in T3, no idea about others. It stays at 10 ce when revving over and over.  You also get one free revive that gives you maximum 30 hp.  Due to how the test server works, I cannot confirm if Spark Of life materials can be used to revive yourself.

7. Apparently they are debuffing fiends, unconfirmed how.

Unfortunately.. there has been some major dumb ideas projected into the game.....

1.  You CANNOT revive team members that have died.  Every time you die you either use your free rev or use 10 ce to buy a Spark of life. (Or use one that you have?? unconfirmed)

2. You have to pick up every piece of loot for yourself.  Your party cannot help you speed loot.  (Charred Court, how will this work??)

3. Vitapods only drop from prize boxes.  (I've only gotten a vitapod in shadow lair vanaduke so far)


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The new update is.... Empty I

Post  Firenexus Sun Jul 21, 2013 6:01 am

I Think that these updates if they go, will be terrible and could ruin sk...
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