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Gaining Wealth in Spiral Knights

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Gaining Wealth in Spiral Knights  Empty Gaining Wealth in Spiral Knights

Post  Mawashimono Tue Jun 24, 2014 2:56 am

Welcome to the best adventure game on the web. And it’s free! In game wealth allows you to enjoy the game even more, so how can you gain it in a way that is both efficient and fun?

First, I strongly recommend that you make at least a one-time purchase of energy with real money, preferably during a promotional event when you’ll get bonus goodies and better deals. Although it’s not necessary, it will help you to accomplish many things at a much faster pace, and frankly, Three Rings deserves some financial compensation and support for this wonderful game.

The best way to gain wealth is to play, and the best levels to play first are the rank missions for both the knowledge and rewards they provide. (Joining a guild may help you to meet players who can assist with these missions.) During the course of play, you will acquire materials and crowns. You may choose to sell some of your materials for crowns in the auction house or to other players directly; however, bear in mind that you will need many of these materials to craft better gear later on.  It is best to use your wealth to buy recipes for 2* gear. After you have gained access to tier 2, begin buying recipes from the Basil vendor at level 13 or in the Hall of Heroes found in the Rank Missions. Patiently craft up your gear to 4* level and gain access to tier 3.

After you have completed the Prestige Missions, you may choose to replay certain levels such as the Boss missions for fun or the rewards they provide in terms of crowns, heat, materials, and tokens. Firestorm Citadel (FSC or Vana(duke)) is the most profitable but at 5 levels and an extremely hard boss fight, it requires the greatest time commitment and high level gear. The Tier 2 boss missions, Sovereign Slime and Roarmulus Twins, also pay nicely and can be done much quicker and more easily.

Once you have become familiar with the game, you might begin crafting and selling gear gained from boss tokens. You have a knack for merchanting, you may begin to speculate on accessories or costume items, buying low and selling high. This requires a fair amount of wealth and a lot of knowledge and patience.

Keep in mind that all of these methods for gaining wealth are just other aspects of the game. Wealth should not be your goal, but rather whatever awesome gear or accessories you can buy with your wealth. It’s all playing. Be kind and polite to your fellow knights, and please refrain from begging.

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