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Spiral Knights Lore

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Spiral Knights Lore Empty Spiral Knights Lore

Post  Mawashimono Fri Mar 07, 2014 5:06 pm

This was posted in the SK forums by Luigi-The-Silly

This is an attempt at collecting and Displaying all of the known lore, within the SK universe.


1: Isora: Home world of the Knights, after what is know as the Morai Wars the plant the knights are driven to near extinction, and the planet is failing due to a faltering power supply. As a last ditch effort the surviving Knights manned, supplied, and launched the Skylark and possibly other starships to search the galaxy for a replacement power supply for Isora.

Due to the existence of a planetary power source, it is safe to assume that Isora is either a fully artificial planet sized space station or a heavily modified rocky planet, modified to the point of being unable to stabilize its-self without an artificial system.

2: Cradle: A giant mechanical "space station" made up of large chunks of varying terrains onto a massive, complex clockwork superstructure that is in a state of constant shift and reorganization. Cradle appears to have a massive energy source at its center that the Knights believe will help save their planet.

The terrains may or may not be from a single planet. Terrains include Mountains, Steppe, Plains, Forests, Castles, Cities, and other artificial structures, including what appear to be maintenance catwalks. There is a extremely low amount of liquid water on Cradle meaning there needs to be some form of artificial watering system to maintain the plant life present on its many layers. There are, also, a massive lighting system to produce the the Sunlight like lighting when certain "terrain plates" are beneath others. The planet's core houses some form of massive power source, but is enclosed by a relatively small sealed structure that is currently impassable. All lifeforms may or may not be indigenous


I: Sentient Species:

1: Knights: An advanced race from the planet Isora. May be organic, inorganic, or a melding of the two. Knights are a relatively short and round species with a dark semi-translucent "skin" as apparent by the slight change in color to be closer to of the Knights "personal color" most likely due to the luminescence of the Knights eyes. The knights eyes are pupil-less "organs" set inside the Knights head. The color of the eyes can be chosen by the Knight itself. The Knights don't appear to have any orifices and may not "eat" as most biological animals, further evidence is the lack of food dispensaries (markets, cafes, restaurants, etc.) they may find sustenance utilizing "Mist Energy" and its solidified version "Crystal Energy" which is used to power the armor and all of its systems including Stealth Mechanisms, Personal Force-field Generators, and generating both Plasma and Solid Shell Ammunition for their firearms, meaning their power supply may be the break down of the physical matter directly into energy.

2: Strangers: A species of tall, calm, and reserved beings who cover themselves from head to foot is flowing robes, all strangers also cover their face with either decorative masks or large hats scarves and goggles. Due to this their biology is mostly an unknown. Most Strangers are very docile and don't venture far from the City of Haven on the surface of Cradle, with the exception of an individual known as Basil who is the only known Stranger to venture into the depths of the planet.

3: Gremlins: A highly intelligent and mostly aggressive bipedal Rodent-like species. Roughly the size of the Knights and are covered in a reddish or brownish fur, and live in large numbers beneath the surface of Cradle. They are extremely mechanically intelligent as they can be seen dissembling collecting and reassembling many parts of the planets clockworks and building their own machines such as gun puppies. They may or may not be the original creators of the Cradle but they are known to repair the systems of the clockworks themselves. they are a Monastic governmental system following a single king (Currently: King Tinkinzar) and seem to have a class based society where higher class Gremlins live and work closer to the King. Their King is only extremely rarely seen by only the highest class of gremlin known as the Crimson Order who consist of 9 highly respected and feared Gremlins. There are also some peaceful gremlins treated as outcasts by the majority of gremlin culture, some have moved to Haven while the majority of these "outcasts" colonized a small area of the clockworks for their own.

4: Fiends: Fiends are the collective name for a group of creatures that seemingly metamorphose rapidly into different shapes utilizing an unknown energy source. These transformations don't seem to be a conscious choice made by the individual itself, but is a state forced upon it by the higher ranking individuals nearby. They mostly appear as a round horned creatures of varying hues and heights, that have a complicated and tiered social structure where the higher tiers have immense control over the lower tiers. They are known to shift individuals and objects through some form of portal. It is currently unknown as to how this is accomplished they appear to have a higher grasp of certain unknown forces, not understood at this time. They tend congregate their groups within what appear to be the ruins of a large city, weather or not they are the original inhabitants of this city are unknown.

5: Owlites (Extinct): Not much is known about this avian species, there is a large library that once was an academy for these folk. Owlites were known for their grasp of magical events. They are expected to have gone extinct with the Kat species meaning they are more than likely from the same planet. there is some evidence to connect the Owlites to the current state of the Kats.

6: Kats (Extinct): Another species whose history is mostly unknown, their spirits can be seen throughout the clockworks in varying shapes and sizes. while most are seem unintelligent and extremely aggressive there are some who have retained more knowledge of living as to be able to communicate, these Kat Spirits reside in a collective in an abandoned hotel found within the Clockworks. Of the few Kat Spirits that can communicate, most have not or can not speak about their race and what happened to them. This is a major focus for our studies as there are reports of Knight Spirits showing up within the clockworks.

7: Almirian (Extinct): A species similar to the Kats whom no living individual is found. Though, from their still mobile corpses they seem to have been a tall long armed species with a cylindrical skull, 3 fingers on each and and no nasal passage. These corpses are assumed to be Almirian due to the numbers that reside in the known Almirian structures. They appear to have reached the a medieval level of technology before their extinction. Beyond this very little is known about this species.

8: Jelly Cubes (Unknown Sentience): These organisms appear as highly viscous semi-solid fluids in the shape of a cube sometimes with solid structures within their body mass that they use as weapons. Their intelligence level is currently unknown as we have found no way of communication, though they show some signs of higher thought, such as the Jelly Palace, and their attempts at camouflage, along with a possible ruler. These are not completely solid pieces of evidence. The Jellies palace would be near impossible to be crafted by the Jellies themselves and is assumed to be Almirian make as the construction tends to favor bipedalism and solid bodies. Their camouflaging traits don't seem to be conscious action, as they have been seen with Hair and Facial hair not known to to any current species on Cradle, though the newly arrived Knights have co-opted the look for their armor this happened after the Knights arrival to Cradle and their most common form of camouflage is as the many bricks that exist within cradle, seeming to be more of a natural'y selected trait rather than a chosen one, and the kings seems more akin the the Queen within a bee hive rather than an actual appointed ruler.

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Spiral Knights Lore Empty Awesome

Post  Zenje Sun Apr 06, 2014 10:46 pm

Read the whole thing, must have taken someone a while to type out this entire page. Very interesting to say the least.

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