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My short novel: Nick Smith and the Golden Pen.

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My short novel: Nick Smith and the Golden Pen. Empty My short novel: Nick Smith and the Golden Pen.

Post  Karituo-Luster Tue Oct 08, 2013 6:52 am

Nick Smith
and the
Golden Pen
by: Tommy Hoang
Part 1 The Gold Pen
In a tiny town near a cliff, a boy named Nick and his friend Thomas were about to leave school. Nick went to buy a gel pen, like he usually does every day, while Thomas went to catch the bus. Thomas was a tall, average person with short ,black, spiky hair, green eyes, and a bit tannish. Nick Smith isn't a popular person, nor a brainiac in high school. Nick has freckles, spiky brown hair, thin necked, tan, wears glasses, and an excellent artist. Anyway, the janitor was putting in a whole bag of new gel pens into the pen dispenser and Nick bought the first one. These pens cost fifty cents and Nick has dozens of gel pens.
"Clink!" A gold pen came out and Nick stared at it in it's shinyness. At a quick moment, Nick snapped out and remembered that he had to catch the bus. Saddly, the bus left before he made it to the gym.
Part 2 The Discovery
Now, Nick had to walk home. To pass the time, Nick decided to pull out his gold pen and started doodling in the air. After Nick drew a picture, it magicly turned to gold. Nick look at the pen in awe. He knew just what to do... Nick has this huge, special, crush on this girl named Kairi Star. She is the most popular, athletic, and a very smart person in his grade. She has long, shiny red hair, glittery bright blue eyes, and outrageously creative. Because of Nick's shy streak, he was afraid that people would say no to him. The answer was in front of him, make himself rich. Nick smiled at the idea, so he rushed home. Once Nick came home, Sarah, Nick's younger sister, asked why he was late.
"Missed the bus." Nick said rushing to his room like a football player trying to recover a fumbled ball. When he got into his room, Thomas was there playing with Nick's yo-yo. Nick looked at him in mild anger.
"What did I tell you about playing with my yo-yo?"
"Never mind. I've got something really important to show you; can you keep a secret?"
Part 3 The Set-up
"Whoa!" Thomas exclaimed in awe. Nick drew a gold bar and it fell on the floor. Thomas was always easily amazed by anything.
"Anyway... there's this girl I like and all and with this magic pen that can make me rich so is there a plan that you can come up with?"
"Well yeah, here's what you gotta do. you need to make yourself some bling, buy some sunglasses, buy some new everything, and let everybody notice. Next, one of Kairi's friends will spill the beans to her. After that, she'll come and ask you on a date."
"Who says 'spill the beans' nowadays?"
"I do, now this plan will make anybody envy you! Oh and can you make me some bling?"
Later that evening, Nick went to the mall and bought a pair of sunglasses, some new clothes, some shoes, and lastly, he drew himself some gold stuff like necklaces and bracelets. The next morning, Nick went to school with his new clothes and other things. When he went in the hallway, there were tons of murmering and whispering. The plan was ready to go.
Part 4 Trap Has Sprung
Just as Nick passes through the halls, one of Kairi's friends, Rachel, spotted Nick and ran to Kairi as fast as she could. Nick went to class regularly, except there were a bunch of girls waiting for him... but he doesn't know.
"Hhiiii Nick!!"
Nick is the only boy in his science class. Usually Nick sits alone, but now every girl want to be his science partner.
After English, Nick went to lunch with his friend Thomas. When they got their lunches, they sat at an empty corner. Then, Kairi came and sat next to them.
"Hey Nick. There's this new skating rink in the mall. Would you like to come? It could be a double date, you, me, Rachel, and Thomas."
"Sure!" Nick said excitedly.
Part 5 Crazy Date
So that afternoon (around 4:00pm) Nick was getting ready for his double date.
"Are you sure you can skate?" Sarah asked.
"Sure I can!" Nick said combing his hair.
"How are you able get girls anyways?"
"easy, my personality, looks, and my-" Nick stopped dead.
"Can I tell you a secret?" Nick asked hesitatedly.
"How'd you get that!?" Sarah was always a curious sister. Before she could say anything else, Thomas and Rachel were at the door and Nick let them in. Nick called Kairi to ask if she was ready and she was. The three went to Kairi's house on their bikes and Nick rang the doorbell to her huge house. Kairi answered the door.
"Wow! You look nice!" Nick exclaimed.
"Thanks! You look nice too!" Kairi responded.
Kairi wore a pair of skinny jeans and a bright, vivid T-shirt.
"C'mon let's go. Get on my bike."
So the four went to the mall and bought their tickets. The quadtruples rented their rollerskates and went out to the rink. After the four started, it was already time for the couples skate. There was tons of tenstion between Nick and Kairi, but they got to get ahold of each other. In the middle of the couples skates, Nick accedentally tripped on a person's leg. The gold pen slipped out of Nick's pocket and the cap came off like it was never on the pen. Anyways, the gold pen skidded across the floor whirling while drawing gold coins. The skaters ran to get the gold coins but Nick was more worried about the gold pen.
Part 6 Whole-Town Mob
Nick was scrambling to get the gold pen. The gold pen was under a table and Nick had to crawl under it. When Nick grabbed ahold of it, he pulled it out of sight, but Kairi yanked the gold pen out of Nick's grip.
"So this is how you got so popular!"
Nick had a sudden idea that shot to him like an arrow.
"I was never popular, and I'll never will!" Nick yelled.
Nick yanked the gold pen out of Kairi's hand as fast as lightning and ran like a track star. Nick ran to past the end of the city and to the ridge of the cliff. The mob of people slowly came to Nick with pitchforks and everything. The wild mob screamed at him about the gold pen. Next, the mob started getting more wilder and came at the gold pen.
"Nick! I'll buy that gold pen of yours for one thousand dollars!"
"No, Nick! I'll give you one hundred thousand dollars for it!"
"Nick! I'll give you the key to the city for it!"
The mayor wanted the pen so badly. Nick had to stay strong no matter how much money or things they will give him.
"STOP!! I was a loser and I'll always be one." Nick said starting a speech. "If it wasn't for this pen, the pen that gave me a chance to taste popularity, we would never be here. Now look at you people, you are fighting over a pen." "If it wasn't for this pen; would you still treat me like I will be popular and that I will be forever?"
"YES!!!" The mob said quickly full of suspence.
"Thanks...and sorry." So at that one moment, Nick threw the pen over his right shoulder sent it falling under the cilff and into the water rapids.
"NNNOOOOOO!!!!!!" The mob yelled in horror. "We're never going to treat you like you wanted anymore!" The town said in such anger.
"Way to go Nick." Kairi said in sarcasam. Then, she walked away into the fading dark night.
After school today, nick had to serve detention for the "incident" he did yesterday. Today was a normal day, except a few beatings and some new enemies. Then just as Nick was about to clean the desks, Kairi came in!
"I just wanted to say I'm sorry for the way I acted on our date. I also wanted to ask if you and I could hangout sometimes."
"First of all, why did you come here and second of all sure you can. Under one condition."
"Sure anything!"
"Keep any and I mean any secret I tell you. to get us started, here's a secret. I still have the gold pen, see?"
"But what about the one you threw out yesterday?!"
"I drew myself a replica while I was running to the cliff. It's really hard to draw while you're running."
"AW ME!"
Just when they were about to hug, Thomas came in because he late for detention. Apperently, he ruined the moment.
"Hey guys, how ya doin'!?"
So that is the beginning of how the three's wild journey.

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