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Hi. Shadowki here.

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Hi. Shadowki here. Empty Hi. Shadowki here.

Post  Shadowki Fri Feb 15, 2013 9:51 am

Hello. Shadowki here with a short kinda long story about my character in this game. I have started playing Spiral Knights not knowing a thing about it. So I thought "oh there's a wiki on the website maybe that would clear some things up" and so I read it and absorbed as much as I can from it. As I progressed through the Clockworks i've noticed higher starred recipes on sale and that's when I knew that I needed a way to make energy. I did not know about CE at the time so I just joined random parties. All of the parties I have joined had at least one generous knight who was willing to tab me. And then I began to understand the types of enemies and their weaknesses/strengths. I slowly begaan my quest to reach a full 5 star set. As I played more I gained experience and tips on how to approach enemies. With practice and determination I was able to finally craft my full 5 star set. Now I am a gunner who only makes use of the two default weapon slots (didn't think the other weapon slots were necessary). I have been in the guild and got to member rank and i'm happy with staying the rank that I am now. I just felt like i'd give a little intro about my character. Oh and yea I rarely talk in runs or in guild chat.

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Hi. Shadowki here. Empty Nice to meet you.

Post  Mawashimono Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:29 pm

Glad to have you as part of our guild.

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