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Why SK is not P2W

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Why SK is not P2W Empty Why SK is not P2W

Post  Mawashimono Wed Sep 03, 2014 4:47 am

Spiral Knights (SK) was designed as a Player-vs-Monster/Enemy game (PvE). Two Player-vs-Player games were shoehorned in as an afterthought, but the mechanics of the game really weren’t meant for PvP game play.

SK is a completely Free-to-Play (F2P) game. Every part of the game and every item in the game can be gotten for free. Player can choose to spend money for additional energy or promotional items, but these items can also be obtained for free through the in-game economy. If you are really into the game and spending real world money on the game brings you more enjoyment, then by all means do it. Three Rings is certainly hoping that will be the case since their business model is based on just that.

Nothing in the game is truly Over Powered (OP) and the game play is challenging without being overwhelmingly difficult. For very good players, even the game can even be too easy. There is no “Win” in SK. You play and have fun and the normal 5* gear is enough to allow you to complete everything in the game.

Some players accuse SK of having become Pay-to-Win (P2W). P2W can be defined as . <em> “a game where players who are willing to pay for special items or downloadable content may be able to gain a significant advantage over those playing for free.” </em> (Wikipedia) Since the game is cooperative rather than competitive, the concept of an advantage does not exist, except to the limited group of players dedicated to Lockdown. Another definition of P2W from Urban Dictionary is <em>“Games that let you buy better gear or allow you to make better items then everyone else at a faster rate and then makes the game largely unbalanced even for people who have skill in the game without paying.”</em>

P2W cannot be applied to SK since we are not competing against one another. It’s really rather the reverse. We form parties and guilds to play together. If a player wants to buy the 5* gear right away, it only benefits other players. Even though you can obtain the highest level gear instantly, it certainly does not unbalance the game or give players any significant advantage to do so.

This game is primarily PvE, not PvP, nor is it P2W in any true sense of the term.

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Why SK is not P2W Empty I Agree

Post  Karituo-Luster Wed Sep 03, 2014 9:47 am

Regarding the new prize boxes and the overcharged mixmaster, Spiral Knights will still not be a P2W. Weapon wise, people just give up too easily on finding a way to counter other weapons, therefore, complaining that the weapons are OP and are too, P2W. As the game and the Game Masters say for themselves, everything is balanced (except for those OP POLARIS guns.) Today's society is more judgmental than anything else. No perserverence is brought upon by the gamers to find a counter to the weapon. such as swords beat guns, guns beat bombs, and bombs beat swords. A simple hack and slash is what Spiral Knights really is, and not some competitive PvP to gain attention or for passing the time. An example is the Crimson Hammer DLC. still balanced. Pros will always be great, but every pro has a Con.

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