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What seems better?

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What seems better? Empty What seems better?

Post  Karituo-Luster Mon Jul 21, 2014 6:33 am

I prefer unique weapon styles over traditional; Stuff like what's new and such. I would like to know what is more efficient than the other:
Neutralizer Vs. Grand Tortofist   (Both normal dmg)
Freeze Vs. Fire (Both status)

I've been using the Neutralizer for a while and I've been getting used to it.
Pros are: insta-kill, insane charge time
Standards: Reload time, maneuverable
Cons: Slow recovery after charge, weak standard shots

The Grand Tortofist is new and popular in terms of events
Pros: strong, four hit attack, knock-back, charge creates a wall ,all weapon types combined (flourish, magnus, shard bomb)
Standards: charge time
Cons: Not maneuverable, slow reload time (a pro to maneuver while it reloads), charge takes time to take effect

Now the fire/freeze
Fire: does not interrupt and deals dmg/time
Freeze: Spam charges all you want (Con: wait until enemies thaw out to take dmg)

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