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Ultimate Shadow Lair Gear

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Ultimate Shadow Lair Gear Empty Ultimate Shadow Lair Gear

Post  Mawashimono Thu Mar 06, 2014 4:46 am

I made a post about this in the forums here:

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Ultimate Shadow Lair Gear Empty Re: Ultimate Shadow Lair Gear

Post  NoxiousNarwhal Mon Mar 17, 2014 10:10 pm

As far as the vana setup goes, polaris/glac are great but AP is a dead slot and should be replaced with a blitz, while the DA simply doesn't handle PvE well unless you're doing solo runs due to the unavoidably high knockback. The sentezna and AP have worse dps and utility than the biohazard and polaris respectively as long as you're avoiding reloads. While the blitz does have the massive drawback of rendering you immobile, it's safe to use with the asi boost after mask stealth or when only slow enemies are nearby (trojans/dreads/vana) and compensates for its drawback with insane damage output. I'd honestly recommend replacing the DA with a shadow weapon, as the oilers resist both elemental and piercing and the polaris/glac have as much ele damage as you'll need.

Grey owlite/Bitter end aren't ideal, but crest of alm if you have it or skelly if you don't will help significantly.

For armors, I've noticed that asi/ctr boosting armors help you avoid damage far more than actual defensive armors mitigate it. That really does boil down to personal preference, but if you don't have asi/ctr max on all of your weapons after trinkets and know the map relatively well then you'll really want to consider going glass cannon.

Just my 2 cents of course, anyone else have a preferred sl loadout?


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