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New Event ideas

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New Event ideas Empty New Event ideas

Post  Nikolozi Sat Nov 23, 2013 9:00 pm

guys i'm thinking of some new event ideas!
1)Random Lottery-Prizes will be random accesorys and costumes that players can spare
2)The TROLLING CONTEST!!!!People will post any troll and will say that pm-ed messages and trade request will not be read and accepted only normal chat!there will be overseers that will count how much players will be trolled! after the player ends trolling he The one whit will leave the area incase someone will want to report him!!h most Trolled players will win prizes that u members should decide what to gift!!The troll will be for example (Volcanic wings for 5k cr!!)
3)Hide and seek!! a random player(not from our guild or friend list) will be the target!! He will hide at any English instance,at any area(Lab,Town square.etc)No locked mission lobies or any mission lobbys!! after the target hides he wil inform any of us so the game will start!! First one that will find the Target gets prize(accesorys costumes cr or ce)!!
I hope u will like my ideas!! post answers please!!


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