Doods, I'm leafing teh band. dis be meh resigning

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Doods, I'm leafing teh band. dis be meh resigning

Post  GrugTheDestroyer on Tue Jan 22, 2013 3:52 pm

aight look ere homeslices. Aye am leafing teh band becows I no lyke teh 1direction we bee teching and meh onions obviously offend everehbodeh and yew gno i nefer apolgisex for da troof. aye am a free form jazz kind of dood and yew guise are all lyke into teh dubsteps and dat iz no gewd for meh braindizzles if yew gno wut i am saiyan. free form jazz is lykes all chaotic n dissonant n schtuff but in a way it still woks whilst dis dubschtep is all screechy n it gifs meh the diarrheas in meh orifices and brain. i inishully johned this geild fer free shadow lairs and was considring leafing cos it wuznt happening until a dood called broish lemme comb on one for free dats wut kept me in da geild origamily but i grew to lyke dis strenj geild in a whey so i steyed fer as long as i did. aldough i leaf gild maneh thymes for GvG, butt aye alwheys kame bach. i've bin calld maneh tings but nostalgic is not won of dem so dis thyme i shan't be combing bach.

list of doods who i tink are very kool: mashino, cyber the dic D:<. gravityXXX and his lover furnexus, genral goose, zankeh and dat other guy wif smilar nayme, Liam Gallagher, Maidham, mach-uni-won, possibleh, uniqcron, kerstels <3, dembusa, vulcno, emyreiagurl, bockwin, jwacky. rets of yew are kool doods jus not as cool as teh doods i menshund yer all about tree fiddeh

TL;DR i ate a catfish and it gave meh gas

Peace off hombres


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Re: Doods, I'm leafing teh band. dis be meh resigning

Post  Fire mage guy on Mon Apr 01, 2013 7:06 pm

ye speakin en pirate tok me boyo
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